Budget to designer, the right glasses whatever your budget
Our cheapest glasses start from just £44.95 (frame and standard single vision lenses), which are free with an Optical Voucher (check here for entitlements).
If you're looking for something with a bit more quality our mid range frames don't come with a fancy name, but the materials speak for themselves, a bit more money means a much better product!
Our designer ranges start from £99.95 including single vision lenses and include ELLE, Morgan, Epsiode, Cath Kidston, Jaguar, William Morris, Guess and more coming in all the time.

All our frames are selected by us for their style and quality, we source our new frames throughout the year and only buy one of each of the designer frames, so you will always be unique.

Why should I buy my new glasses from Stokes Opticians?
The success of any pair of glasses depends on two main things, the first is clear vision and the second is comfort to the wearer. They both rely on the experience of your opticians.
When you buy a new pair of glasses from us, the price includes initial dispensing where we help  you choose a frame suitable for your needs, your prescription, your lifestyle activities, the lenses you will require and of course your budget. We will also take a few measurements of your face and the distance between your pupils, this will ensure a good frame fit and optimally centred lenses.
When you collect your new glasses we make sure the vision is good and talk you through any adaptation periods you might need, we will also fine tune the fit of your glasses to make sure they feel comfortable. Buying from us also guarantees on going aftercare of your glasses, minor repairs like tightened or replaced screws, new pads, or just a straighten and re-adjustment.

I need glasses for distance and near vision!
The perfect solution to distance and near vision difficulties is the use of a multifocal lens (also called Varifocal or Progressive addition lenses).
A multifocal lens provides clear vision for distance, internediate and near vision activities. Unlike a bifocal (which has a small window at the bottom of the lens), a varifocal looks no different to a standard single vision lens, so no one can see you are wearing them.
Varifocals come with different designs and our dispensing opticians will help guide you to the lens that is right for you, this will depend on your budget and intended use.
At Stokes Opticians, we are Essilor Varilux specialists. Essilor are world leaders in Varifocal design. For information on the different types of varilfocal lens.