Eye Examinations

At Stokes Opticians we can provide NHS and private sight test. Contact lens fit, refit and ongoing aftercare.

We can also offer a minor eye conditions service, funded by the NHS. If you have a red eye, eye pain, irritation, sudden loss of vision, minor scratches or foreign bodies, before you see your GP check to see if we can help. The service is only available to people with a GP in the local area, if you give us a call on 0121 553 0330 we can check if your eligible.

Whether your having either NHS or a private sight test, we still use all of our state of the art digital technology and the same standard of care.
For private sight tests and contact lenses, we charge £25 per appointment and £45 for a double appointment.
Check your NHS entitlements to either a sight test or a sight test and optical voucher.